Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The World is a Surreal Place indeed (part 2)

Anyone who went to the Shoreditch Festival in the summer, in which Mr Har Mar Superstar headlined - yes, him of the fat belly, moustache, redneck appearance, and inevitable desire to take his clothes off onstage while doing mediocre Prince impressions - may have saw an indie band further down the bill with an amusing name. No, I'm not referring to Selfish C*nt, but Bono Must Die, who were on the X-Box (?!)Stage. Now, I'm not one to condone random violence against celebrities, but most 'cult' bands are supposed to have stupid names. Personally, I think the existence of such outfits as Half Man Half Biscuit, Pissed Jeans and Fuck Buttons are necessary and important additions to modern humanity's existence, and give meaning to life.
Anyway, the real Bono, in unbelievably self-important fashion, has threatened the band with his lawyers. There's something inherently hilarious about the singer of one of the biggest bands of the world - if you don't count that American Express-sponsored, increasingly embarrassing outfit known as the Rolling Stones - threatening a law suit against a suitably trashy-looking minor Shoreditch band (well, they're Shoreditch in spirit anyway) that probably barely plays outside the area. Exactly how many records have BMD sold? Of course, it no doubt came about because of Bob Geldof - who else? - being less than impressed at his daughter's fondness for said outfit. And Geldof and Bono are mates, right? I can just see them in the pub, and the look on Bono's face when Geldof relays the news. Does Bono not have better things to do with him time? Like, discover irony or have a photo opportunity with the Pope, or something?

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