Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just came back from the Buffalo Bar - caught an awesome set from NYC's The Double who played some extremely strange keyboard and effects-heavy atmospheric artrock. Post-punk that's true to it's original blueprint, in other words - Pere Ubu (who they sounded like a lot with the whirring, crepuscular synths), Joy Division, No Wave stuff, Jonathon Richman even. Dark, post-industrial music. Brooklyn at the moment really is producing some amazing stuff at the moment, what with Gang Gang Dance, Black Dice, Animal Collective, Mice Parade, and countless others...and now this lot. I realised watching the show that this is what post-punk is about, not some fashionista magazine covering Bloc [sic] Party - post-punk was about outsider weirdness and freaks and raw, strange music that didn't fit in, not BP and The Rakes and their NME-approved, 'cool list' bollocks and their immaculately styled Hoxton audience. Yes, they (BP) have a great drummer, but great drummers do not automatically make a decent tune, and BP sound like a half-arsed version of Blur - what they will never get is that having THAT drum beat and some 'angular' guitar does not make you a post-punk genius. Tonight, it had to be said that the Yanks kicked our arse on this one - though The Early Years in support (from various parts of the North of England, but now living in London) were fantastic too - droning Krautrock in a Stereolab/Spacemen 3/Electrelane/Flying Saucer Attack vein.

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