Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We are all doomed.

Could Britain become like this??

What a depressing thing to reveal in an interview. So will all his actions from now on be attributed because his personal friend up in the sky told him to do so? Sometimes I think the difference between Blair and Bush is not as different as it seems....obviously that's not really true in the sense that Blair at least acknowledges in the link above that this can go too far. At least he's not a born again he?

Nonetheless...why do people constantly feel the need to have God sanctify what they do? There's something like 140 billion galaxies in the Universe, of which we are part of just one, stuck on a spiral arm that's the equivalent of the Scunthorpe of our solar system. Even if there is a God, I'm sure that he doesn't give a toss what we do or don't do. Yet people seem to think they have their own personal God who cares about their everyday life, who cares if they pray 3 times a day rather than 5, whose watching their every move and honestly has a geniune interest in people's affairs.

If you had to look after 140 billion galaxies, wouldn't you be a little too busy to deal with that shit?


That's quite a controversial thing to say, given Blair's blessing of religious schools posing as normal comprehensives. Why do so many people equate aetheism with an incompatability to appreciate the world around you, an inability to enjoy nature? If I told a devout person that I had just seen pigs fly, or that I had levitated off the ground for hours on end, they would demand as much evidence as the next person.

Yet with religion, we are told to believe completely ridiculous myths without question.

Well thanks, Tony. I feel much more secure now that God has given the thumbs up for the invasion. Do you think if I'm nice to him he'll get me a widescreen TV for my birthday?

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